Delta Skymiles Credit Card

If you are more of the savvy type of traveller looking for ways to earn more miles towards your trip purchases, the Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold is a great product to consider when you are searching. They really offer some competitive rates as well as a lot of ways to accumulate points. They also have bonus points that they offer. For signing up, for example, you are given 30,000 bonus points. All you have to do in order to redeem the 30,000 points is make regular purchases with your Delta Skymiles Credit Card of at least $500 within the first three months of having been issued the card. That is actually a very sweet deal, considering that most other card promotions of this kind require that you spend a minimum of $1,000 within the first three months in order to claim their bonus points.

Did you know that you would also be able to get a $50 credit on your statement once you make your very first purchase using the Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold? Yes, just make sure that when you sign up, you pay attention to all of the retailers and such that qualify to them as a place you could make that first purchase from in order to make sure you get that free money. Then, they even offer you 2 miles for every eligible dollar spent on Delta purchases with the Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold. Again, just make sure to check the qualifying places of purchase so that you can make sure to rack up the most points. For other purchases they are only giving 1 mile per dollar. This is a bit lower than most others but still it's a pretty good deal considering everything else they also offer with the Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold.


There is no concierge service though which is kind of a weird surprise with this level of card. However, you can then be able to tell the difference in a card like the Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold which is set up for people who are mostly determined to rack up points and not necessarily a whole lot of services. Their rate however, isn't the most competitive. If you are the type who really aims at getting points though, you should not have a problem staying on top of paying your bill and doing whatever it takes to make sure your account can continue to gain those points, right?

Staying on top of things with your Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold would be definitely the best thing you could do. This card has one of the highest miles per dollar offerings for qualified purchases and if you aren't on top of maintaining your account, you will be missing out on a lot of great points and miles that can be stored up using the Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold. For all of the savvy travellers who know how to find all of the best deals on points, the Delta Skymiles Credit Card-Gold should definitely peak you attention as it is one of those cards that will keep you gaining so many points and miles each and every month if you know what you're doing with it.